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Our commitment to the environment.
Commercial / Dec 15th, 2016 1:04 pm     A+ | a-
As a group we feel we have a duty to minimise our impact on the environment. It might be easier and cheaper for us to use heavy duty commercial grade cleaning products in our commercial cleaning business, but that goes against our high ecological standards. Instead we use eco friendly cleaning products in all of our clients' premises and recycle where possible.


We have formed a close alliance with a local company in Bristol, who supply us with all of our cleaning products and equipment. We firmly believe in supporting other local businesses and building great relationships. 

The brand of chemicals that we use is manufactured by a company called 'Clover Chemicals'. Their products are formulated to give optimum performance, balanced by careful selection of raw materials to minimise environmental impact. Clover chemicals work to reduce the carbon footprint involved in the product's life cycle from energy consumed during manufacture, packaging, transportation and eventual use.

We use Clover's concentrated products, which results in less packaging - and our staff are supplied with re-useable spray bottles with which to use the diluted product.

We make sure all the products we use cause minimal environmental harm as part of our core values as a business. We are committed to building a brighter future for all.

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