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Leafleting works, we know from our own experience.
Leafleting / Dec 6th, 2016 1:18 pm     A+ | a-
Leafleting has always been an easy way to market our business, well when I say 'easy' it does take a tremendous amount of energy and fast legs to carry out!

Mail drops have always had a great response for the Spotless Group's cleaning brands; domestic and commercial - much more so than say, print advertising. Not that we've got anything against print advertising - it just seems that when you take out an ad in a newspaper (and as we know this can be a costly business) you are counting on your potential customer to not only purchase that paper but to read your ad and then get on the phone to discuss their requirements.

Now we're not saying that leafleting is the magic ticket to gain all your business, but let’s take a look at how it may differ from a print ad.
Leafleting is the only way you can actually get into someone’s letter box and land on their door mat, then they have a few choices:
  • They can pick it up and throw it straight in the bin
  • They can pick it up and pop it in a drawer for when the time is right
  • They can pick it up and give it to a friend / family member that may want to use your services.
  • They can pick it up and call you.
The point is for every choice the person makes they have to physically pick up your leaflet and see your what you have to offer.

We know this first hand. A customer called us yesterday, looking for domestic cleaning services. We always ask where our potential customers have heard about us, and the lady replied that she had seen our leaflet. It had dropped through her door in May, she knew she'd need a cleaner at some point in the future so she kept hold of it. 7 months later she got in touch and now we're providing 3 hours of cleaning a week for her!
If you would like to know more about leafleting for your business then please do get in touch.

Team Spotless 
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